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lunes, 15 de junio de 2009

Nuevas descargas y videos

1.NND from Poland 2002 on Dialog Czterech Kultur-
2.Neverwalk away" by Troy-
3.tATu_-_Ya_Soshla_S_Uma_&_Nas_Ne_ Dogonyat_(Live_Babiy_Bunt_2001) 291MB -
4. Russia Award 2001-
5. Bulgaria Press conference-
6. t.A.T.u. - FNAC Part 1 (LQ)-
7. t.A.T.u. - FNAC Part 2-
8. t.A.T.u. - FNAC Part 3-
9. t.A.T.u. NTV You! Won't Believe It Yulia & Vika 12.21.08 -
10. Tatu ORT Basic Instinct 22.05.2003-
11. Tatu Muz-tv 2003- Youtube
12. Tatu expedition-
14.t.A.T.u. - Life! Die Lust zu leben (German RTL Interview 20.06.03)-
15. t.A.T.u. - Manchester First Recording-
16. t.A.T.u. - 30ton 2002-
17. t.A.T.u. - Japanese NTV Ojamanbou-
18. t.A.T.u. - AOL Session NGGU-
19. St Petersburg Concert 2003-
20. All The Things She Said HQ acapella-
21. 17_Ya_Soshla_S_Uma.mp3 8.34MB- 62.2MB-
23. Full concert, filmed by House13 and ripped by Matvei
24. tatu-Box-NGGU.mpg 141MB-
25.Tatu_-_Friend_Or_Foe__16x9___Ice_Cream_.mpg 98.1MB-
26. Tatu - Prostie Dvizhenya (Ice_Cream).mpg 79.7MB-

Episode 1
Episode 2
28. 953MB 953MB 126MB
29. [1].A.T.u._MTV_EMA_2005_By_LAUIII.mpg 27.2MB
30. Mexico, the press conference.-
31. tatu-gomenasai-svcd-2006-mva_int.mpg 71.1MB
32. Mexico, the press conference-
33. tatu on Leno from 03-
34.t.A.T.u._-_NND_BAR_Live([grigor].mpg 48MB-
35. tatu muz-tv awards 2003.mpg 352MB-
36. All About @ ZD Awards- (198MB)
37. t.A.T.u._-_Russia_Today_2006_Interview_By_tony69.mpg 375MB-
38. AAU & GOMENASAI @ MTV TRL Awards 2006, Milano-
39. Fonogram Hungary Music Awards 2006 uploaded by Matvei
«All About Us», «Friend of Foe» & «All The Things She Said».
337MB 10:53":
40. Tatu_-_Intro_And_Lyudi_Invalidy__Krasnoe_Leto_2006___Rachel_.avi 62.9MB
Tatu_-_All_About_Us__Krasnoe_Leto_2006___Rachel_.avi 43.4MB
Tatu_-_Polchasa__Krasnoe_Leto_2006___Rachel_.avi 32.4MB
Tatu_-_Obezyanka_Nol__Krasnoe_Leto_2006___Rachel_.avi 57.2MB
Tatu_-_Nas_Ne_Dogonyat__Krasnoe_Leto_2006___Rachel_.avi 57.5MB
In one .rar file: Red Summer.rar 250MB
41.Taiwan 05Vpower.rm 163MB
42. All About Us Live @ Amici TV Italy - 26.11.05 HQ by tebya_skuchayu - Layer 3, 48000Hz, stereo, 320kbps-
43. Lazarev singing Flyer and Yulia is shown for a short time-
44. tATu Pod Highlights Vol 7 subs-
45. Evening with "Neposedy"/Yulia's New Year Greetings(flv)-
46. Tatu live @ Tonight Show with Jay Leno 2003 - All the things she said-
47. 2007 MuzTv Performance-
48. 498MB
49. Expedition Episodes 01 to 09
Expedition Episodes 10 to 18
Here is the subs file for Episodes 01-18 in case anybody wishes to translate to their language
50. t.A.T.u.- Malchik Gay (Billy Gay Edition).mp3

Ya Soshla S Uma Making of and remix Subtitled.part1.rar (450 MB)

Ya Soshla S Uma Making of and remix Subtitled.part2.rar (330.11 MB)

Ya soshla s uma 2000 subtitled

Nas ne dogonyat subtitled

Polchasa subtitled

Prostye dvizheniya 2002 subtitled

Ne ver ne boisya 2003 subtitled

Lyudi invalidi subtitled 2005

Beliy Plaschik 2007 subtitled

Beliy Plaschik 2007 uncensored subtitled THANKS aboekje

HQ TV Clean Cap of 220 Subtitled of course
220 2008 subtitled (100.54 MB).

Snegopady subs (67.56 MB)

Here is a version of the Snegapody vid I'm crazy about.
Snegopady (V L Ed) subs.avi (68.72 MB).

This HQ AVI (not HD unfortunately) was ripped from the actual DVD and sound and subtitling quality is exceptional (thanks Heaven)

Anatomia Final subs.avi (990.02 MB)

Eurovision Interview MTV Russia 2008 subs.avi (259.71 MB) .

This is the film Yulia mentioned in the Romanian Concert 2002

fucking amal aka show me love 1998 subtitled.part1

fucking amal aka show me love 1998 subtitled.part2

Language Swedish
Subs English - Embedded by me
One for the girls only I think.

t.A.T.u. Cerbul de Aur Concert 2002 subtitled BriEF

t.A.T.u. 100 Questions To An Adult subtitled

t.A.T.u. St Petersburg Concert 2006 subtitled

tATu Truth DVD subtitled FINAL BriEF

Tatu Expedition Episode 01 engsubs FINAL BriEF

Tatu Expedition Episode 02 engsubs FINAL BriEF

Tatu Expedition Episode 03 engsubs FINAL BriEF

Tatu Expedition Episode 04 engsubs FINAL BriEF

Tatu Expedition Episode 05 engsubs BriEF

Tatu Expedition Episode 06 engsubs FINAL BriEF

Tatu Expedition Episode 07 engsubs FINAL BriEF

Tatu Expedition Episode 08 engsubs FINAL BriEF

Tatu Expedition Episode 09 engsubs FINAL BriEF

Tatu Expedition Episode 10 engsubs FINAL BriEF

Tatu Expedition Episode 11 engsubs FINAL BriEF

Tatu Expedition Episode 12 engsubs FINAL BriEF

Tatu Expedition Episode 13 engsubs FINAL BriEF

Tatu Expedition Episode 14 engsubs FINAL BriEF

Tatu Expedition Episode 15 engsubs FINAL BriEF

Tatu Expedition Episode 16 engsubs FINAL BriEF

Tatu Expedition Episode 17 engsubs FINAL BriEF

Tatu Expedition Episode 18 engsubs FINAL BriEF

Pod Highlights with subtitles
DOWNLOAD LINKS (with English Subtitles):

Podnebesnaya Volume 1

Podnebesnaya Volume 2

Podnebesnaya Volume 3

Podnebesnaya Volume 4

Podnebesnaya Volume 5

Podnebesnaya Volume 6

Podnebesnaya Volume 7

Here are the installments from tatulife
HQ AVI with subs

t.A.T.u. LIFE Part1 Yulia's Doctrine subs

t.A.T.u. LIFE Part2 You & I Concert subs

t.A.T.u. LIFE Part3 Lena Katina's Wardrobe subs

t.A.T.u. LIFE Part4 Yulia's Civil Marriage subs

t.A.T.u. LIFE Part5 New Album subs

t.A.T.u. LIFE Part6 Lena And Yulia In Poland On Viva Comet Awards subs

t.A.T.u. LIFE Part7 Foto For Fans subs

t.A.T.u. LIFE Part8 Kleptomania subs

t.A.T.u. LIFE Part9 The Dog Life Of Lena Katina subs

t.A.T.u. LIFE Part10 t.A.T.u. And The Kids subs

t.A.T.u. LIFE Part11 Getting ready for Snowfalls plus RMA subs

t.A.T.u. LIFE Part12 Snegopady_Vremia Luni t.A.T.u.'s New Video subs

t.A.T.u. LIFE Part13 Lena's Eye Surgery subs

Performances with subtitles DVD 2009

t.A.T.u. Performances.part1

t.A.T.u. Performances.part2

t.A.T.u. Performances.part3

t.A.T.u. Performances.part4

t.A.T.u. Performances.part5

Track list

01 Ya Soshla S Uma 1st perf 2000.mpg
02 Ya Soshla S Uma Babiy Bunt 2001.mpg
03 Nas Ne Dogonyat Babiy Bunt 2001.mpg
04 Ya Tvoya Ne Pervaya Poland 2002.avi
05 A T T S S Swedish Music Awards 2002.mpg
06 Clowns PepsiChart 2002.mpg
07 Zachem Ya Germany 2002.mpg
08 Not Gonna Get Us TOTP 2002.mpg
09 Show Me Love Grigori 2002.avi
10 Malchik Gay MTV Poland 2003.avi
11 How Soon Is Now German TOTP 2003.mpg
12 Not Going To Get Us Mtv Movie Awards 2003.mpg
13 All The Things She Said CD UK 2003.mpg
14 How Soon Is Now TOTP 2003.avi
15 All The Things She Said Japan 2003.avi
16 Nas Ne Dogonyat Muz-tv awards 2003.mpg
17 Ne Ver Ne Boisya Muz-tv awards 2003.mpg
18 All The Things She Said USA Mtv 2003.mpg
19 Not Gonna Get Us TOTP 2003.mpg
20 Ya Soshla S Uma Bomba Goda 2003.mpg
21 Not Gonna Get Us Bomba Goda 2003.mpg
22 All The Things She Said Trevor Horn 2004.mpg
23 Nichya Gorky Concert 2004.mpg
24 Show Me Love Gorky Concert 2004.mpg
25 Obezyanka Nol Muz-TV Awards 2005.avi
26 All About Us NRJ Cine Awards 2005.mpg
27 Dangerous and Moving Mexico 2005.mpg
28 Obezyanka Nol Mexico 2005.mpg
29 A T T S S Hungary Music Awards 2006.mpg
30 All About Us MuzTV Awards 2006.avi
31 Cho Ne Hvataet Lithuania 2006.avi
32 Friend or Foe Hungary Music Awards 2006.mpg
33 Gomenasai TRL Awards Milan 2006.MPG
34 Lyudi Invalidy Krasnoe Leto 2006.avi
35 Nas Ne Dogonyat MuzTV Awards 2006.mpg
36 Friend or Foe Popworld 2006.mpg
37 Polchasa GQ Awards 2006.mpg
38 All About Us MK ZD 2007.mpeg
39 220 Italy 2008.mpg
40 White Robe Poland 2008.mpg

t.A.T.u. CloserToTheStars-Russian Files 2006 subs

HQ AVI with subs added to, corrected and embedded

A further shorter version of only the girls in glorious HD warts and all

"Eurovision 2009 1ST Semi t.A.T.u. only 720p HDTV.avi" (173.52 MB)